Repair and Maintenance Information

Essence Watch provides its customers with comprehensive information for the proper maintenance and repair of your watch.

Where should I send my Essence watch for repair, adjustment, or service?
If your Essence watch needs to be serviced, we recommend that you take or send it to your nearest Essence Watch authorized retailer or service center. You will find its address on the Store Locator page.

Is it still possible to repair an Essence watch that is several decades old?
Essence watches are built of the most durable ceramic, tungsten and sapphire crystal materials and high quality precision movements. In the unlikely event your vintage Essence watch needs repair, your nearest authorized retailer or service center will provide the service. We recommend you take or send your watch to us to determine its condition and check the availability of all the required parts to complete the repair. After we examine your watch, we will send you our comments and a price estimate for the repair of your watch.

How often do you recommend maintenance service for an Essence watch?
How often you should have maintenance service depends on the type of watch, how well the watch has been taken care of by you or its owner, and the climate. Your Essence watch, like all precision micro mechanical devices, will benefit from service at least once every two years by an authorized retailer or service center. Please ask your Essence Watch retailer for service recommendations. This will guarantee the reliability and time accuracy of your watch.

Which operations are included in a partial maintenance service?

  • A check of the regulation of the movement and replacement of the sapphire crystal (if necessary), the pipe, the crown, the push-pieces, the seals, and the battery (in the case of a quartz movement). Replacements of these parts are included in the price, with the exception of sapphire crystals and restoration services carried out on the dial, case and bracelet. Parts made out of noble metals will be invoiced separately.
  • Restoration of the water-resistance (if a water-resistant model) and cleaning of the case and bracelet. Any repair that requires the replacement of a part, or any service mentioned in the partial maintenance service list automatically involves a partial basic service.

Note: The above maintenance services apply to the Essence Watch Service Center located at 6 Trapelo Rd., Belmont, Massachusetts, 02478, USA.

Which operations are included in a complete maintenance service?

  • Complete dismantling of the movement, cleaning, oiling, reassembling, regulating, and checking the various functions.
  • Repair or replacement of any movement components that are either worn or faulty.
  • Replacement of the following parts: sapphire crystal, crown, push-pieces, seals, and battery (if a quartz caliber) – these parts are included in the price of the service, with the exception of sapphire crystals.
  • Restoration of the water resistance (if the watch is a water-resistant model).
  • Refurbishing of the case or bracelet (for two-toned, gold-plated, and PVD-coated cases and bracelets, cleaning only).

Note: The above maintenance services apply to the Essence Watch Service Center located at 6 Trapelo Rd., Belmont, Massachusetts, 02478, USA.

Instructions for sending your Essence watch for repair, adjustment, or maintenance service

  1. Find your nearest authorized Essence Watch retailer or service center on the Store Locator page.
  2. Make note of the model number found on the back of your watch or on your warranty card.
  3. Answer the repair form questions and print the completed form on the Repair Form page.
  4. Carefully enclose your Essence watch in bubble wrap or similar soft packing material to ensure its safe transit.
  5. Enclose your Essence watch, any loose parts, the printed repair form, and proof of purchase (sales receipt and warranty card with retailer’s stamp, if warranty repairs are required) in a shipping box. Please do not use an envelope as it provides less protection while en route to us. We discard all shipping boxes and packaging materials.
  6. Mail or ship the package using a delivery method that includes a tracking number and enough insurance to cover the retail value of your watch if lost or damaged.

Note: We will contact you upon receipt with the estimated cost of servicing your watch. If you wish to get a status of your service, you may contact the authorized retailer or service center that is servicing your watch or you can e-mail Essence Watch at Be sure to include your name, phone number, watch serial number, and tracking number in your e-mail.


How many years does Essence guarantee spare parts for a watch model?

Essence guarantees the availability of its spare parts for a minimum of 10 years from the date it stops producing a given watch model.

If it has been more than 10 years and spare parts are no longer available, we recommend you send your watch via an Essence Watch authorized retailer to the Essence Watch Service Center in Belmont, Massachusetts, USA for a repair estimate.

For most spare part requests, we are able to find a solution for the proper repair of your watch, even many years after the minimal duration of 10 years.

Where can I find spare parts for my Essence watch?

If you need spare parts for your Essence watch, we recommend you contact the nearest authorized retailer or service center in your country. You will find its address on the Store Locator page.


What watch maintenance recommendations should I follow to ensure that my Essence watch continues to function properly for many years to come?

Automatic watches: The self-winding device in automatic watches keeps the watch wound while it is being worn. Off the wrist, it will keep going for at least 40 hours. If the watch stops, it may be rewound manually. The automatic winding mechanism requires up to 10 hours on the wrist to wind the watch completely depending on the model and on the activities of the wearer. In order to guarantee the time accuracy and a sufficient power reserve from the day you start wearing the watch, we recommend you wind the watch manually by turning the winding crown about 20 times clockwise. Repeat the same operation if your watch has stopped completely.

If your watch stops, and you continue to wear it for a few hours before winding it, it will fail to accumulate its full power reserve and will stop again a few hours after you remove it from your wrist.

All Essence Watch automatic movements have a safety system to prevent the over-winding of the mainspring. This means that you cannot damage the watch through winding.

For technical reasons, however, non-mechanical movements do not have this safety system. With non-mechanical movements, you will feel a mechanical resistance when you have wound the watch completely. To avoid damaging these movements, you should take care not to over-wind.

Quartz watches: All quartz movements are powered by a battery. Non-lithium batteries will stay charged for 12 to 18 months, before a sudden loss of energy causes the watch to stop. Some watches are fitted with a battery end-of-life (E.O.L.) indicator: when the battery is about to run down, the second hand starts to jump every four seconds. When the E.O.L indicator is active, the battery must be replaced immediately. A dead battery inside the watch might damage the movement and may void your warranty.

Magnetic fields: All Essence mechanical watches can resist the usual magnetic fields found in regular environments.

However, it is possible for a watch to become magnetized if it is in direct contact with a very strong magnetic field (such as large speakers, a large electromotor, refrigerators, computers, mobile phone holders with magnetic clips, etc.).

In such circumstances, our Essence Watch authorized service centers are able to demagnetize the watch easily without even opening the watch case.

Crown: We recommend that the crown be screwed back carefully to avoid water entering the movement.

Shocks: We recommend that you avoid every kind of shock. However, all our watches are manufactured according to NIHS standards, which mean that your watch should continue to function after being dropped from the height of one meter onto solid wood.

Seawater: We recommend that you clean your watch with soapy water after every dip in the sea.

Up to what depth are Essence watches water resistant, and when should I check the water resistance?

All Essence watches are crafted according to the norms of the Swiss watch making industry (NIHS), and all modern Essence watches are water resistant to between 30 and 50 meters, depending on the model of watch.

However, a hard knock might cause the watch to lose its water resistance without you noticing. Therefore, if you plan to use your watch underwater, it is essential to have the water resistance checked at least every 12 months by an authorized Essence Watch retailer or service center. If the case has to be opened for any reason, including battery replacement, ask your nearest authorized retailer or service center to check the waterproof seals for the case back glass and crown, and replace them as necessary. We also caution you not to use your watch when scuba diving unless your watch is certified by Essence Watch for scuba diving pressure. You will find the address of your nearest authorized retailer or service center on the Store Locator page.