Your Essence watch is warranted by Essence Watch LLC for a period of two years from the date of purchase. The warranty only comes into force if the warranty certificate is dated, fully and correctly completed, and stamped by an authorized Essence Watch retailer.

The manufacturer warranty does not cover:

  • The life of the battery
  • Any damage to any part of the watch that results from abnormal or abusive use, such as lack of care, negligence, accidents, incorrect use of the watch, or non-observance of the maintenance directions and warnings provided by Essence Watch LLC.

Essence Watch customer service ensures the perfect maintenance of your Essence watch. If your watch needs attention, you should rely on an authorized Essence Watch retailer or service center. Please visit our Store Locator page to find your nearest official Essence Watch retailer.


You are only able to purchase a genuine Essence watch through the worldwide network of authorized Essence Watch retailers. Buying your Essence watch from an authorized retailer ensures that you get the full value for your investment. Essence Watch does not sell any watches over the Internet. If you happen to buy a watch on the Internet or from an unauthorized source, you could end up with a fake Essence watch, which will not be covered by an Essence Watch international warranty.


Water Resistance Certification of Watch Model




Bath, Diving




Not Ok

10 ATM




  • Do not allow the case back to be opened or the crystal to be changed improperly. This could result in water leaking into your watch.
  • If the inside of the crystal should become hazy, you are advised to have your watch serviced immediately. Allowing the watch to remain in this condition for a long time may damage its movement or cause the battery to leak.
  • Always use an authorized Essence Watch service center when changing or opening the crystal or case back.
  • We recommend that you clean your watch with soapy water after every dip in the sea.

We systematically test watches to the stated watch making industry (NIHS) standards. At 30 meters, we apply air or water pressure to the case at 45 pounds per square inch to detect leaks.


  • Avoid dropping your watch; dropping the watch or other hard knocks could potentially cause permanent damage to the ceramic, tungsten, or sapphire crystal.
  • Avoid coming into contact with everyday materials that may contain particles of close-to-diamond hardness; the sapphire crystal and high-tech ceramic material have a hardness of 8.5 and over and are not easily scratched, although they are not indestructible.


  • Avoid contact with electronic equipment with magnetic fields, such as TVs, large speakers, a large electromotor, refrigerators, computers, mobile phone holders with magnetic clips, etc..
  • Exposure to magnetic fields may cause the watch to run faster or slower.

Chemicals or Gas

Do not allow chemicals or gas, such as benzene or petroleum spirits, to come into contact with the case or back.


The quality of gold plating in Essence watches is excellent; Essence Watch carefully adheres to the M.G.P. (multi-gold plating) process.

  • Keep in mind that even high quality gold plating could be scratched by impact and abrasion.
  • People who work with chemicals, gas, and salt are advised to take care to avoid damaging their watches.


An Essence Watch battery works for about two years.

  • When the battery is about to run out, the second hand functions at two-second intervals.
  • If you notice that the second hand is functioning at two-second intervals, prepare to replace the battery at an authorized Essence Watch service center.


Your Essence watch, like all precision micro mechanical devices, needs to be checked or serviced at least once every two years by an authorized Essence Watch retailer or service center. Some types of watches, how well the watch has been taken care of, and the climate may increase how often service is needed. Please ask your Essence Watch retailer for service recommendations. Regular servicing of your watch will help maintain the warranty.